Devotional for the week – Sunday, July 3, 2022
     Have you been there?  Have you felt the ground of conviction give way beneath your feet?  The ledge crumbles your eyes widen, and down you go. Poof!
       Now what do you do?…When we fall, we can dismiss it.  We can deny it.  We can distort it.  Or we can deal with it.
       We keep no secrets from God.  Confession is not telling God what we did.  He already knows.  Confession is simply agreeing with God that our acts were wrong.
      How can God heal what we deny?….How can God grant us pardon when we won’t admit our guilt?
      Ahh, there’s that word: guilt.  Isn’t that what we avoid? Guilt.  Isn’t that what we detest?  But is guilt so bad?  What does guilt imply if not that we know right from wrong, that we aspire to be better than we are.  That’s what guilt is: a healthy regret for telling God one thing and doing another
From God’s Inspirational Promises 
By Max Lucado